Wilkerson Sentencing Postponed

The sentencing of former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson on corruption charges has been postponed by a judge concerned about pretrial publicity affecting the trial of a Boston city councilor, Chuck Turner. Wilkerson had been scheduled for sentencing Sept. 20 after pleading guilty in June to eight counts of attempted extortion.

But U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock said he would postpone her sentencing to late November or early December, after the corruption trial of City Councilor Chuck Turner, which is scheduled to begin Oct. 12.

Wilkerson was accused of taking $23,500 in bribes to help get a liquor license for a nightclub and an undercover agent posing as a businessman who wanted to develop state property. She was captured on video stuffing bribe money into her bra.

Turner is accused of taking $1,000 from a businessman working with the FBI who said he needed help getting a liquor license. He has pleaded not guilty and is asking the public to help in his defense. In a note to supporters and ads in community newspapers Turner said he is looking for witnesses to testify at his trial.

In his note, Turner said his lawyers plan to put on the witness stand those who can testify regarding help received from him and whether money ever was a factor in his service. Turner’s lawyer says his client never solicited or asked for anything in exchange for representing his constituents.

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