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Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle collisions every week, caused by negligent drivers and others who are at fault.  Tragically, some people die from their injuries; others are badly hurt.

As Newton car accident lawyers, we understand the horrific toll that car and vehicle crashes take on those injured and their families.  While we can’t undo a car wreck, we can work to hold accountable all those responsible.  We serve clients in Newton, Boston, Cambridge, Wellesley, and throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Why It’s Critical to Retain an Experienced Car Collision Law Firm as Soon as Possible

If you or a family member has been injured in a car crash, you will greatly benefit by retaining an experienced car accident law firm as soon as possible.  We will want to investigate the accident scene before conditions change – while skid marks can still be seen, and while other evidence of the crash is still fresh.  This will help us in proving liability.

It’s important to understand that in major collisions, insurance companies typically have totaled cars and vehicles destroyed as soon as possible.  These vehicles are often important pieces of evidence, so we will often want to seek a court order to preserve vehicles from destruction so that we can examine them before they are destroyed.

Newer vehicles may contain event recorders, which are similar to “black boxes” in planes.  These event recorders can also provide vital information about a wreck, such as speed, braking, and other information. In a serious crash, we will also want to preserve this evidence before it too is destroyed.

We often with work various expert witnesses to help prove liability.

Settlements & Verdicts

At trial, a $95,000 verdict for woman who was rear-ended and suffered a nerve injury to her elbow, requiring surgery.

A moped rider who was “doored” and injured by a commercial vehicle.

A car crash that caused the victim’s miscarriage of her pregnancy.

A pedestrian who was struck by a snowplow.

Represented the parents of a college student killed by commuter rail train in an area near Boston University that was a frequent “hot spot” for students to gather.

All Verdicts & Settlements

Seeking Full Compensation for Car Crash Victims

In a vehicle crash, if the other driver is insured, their insurance company will be managing the litigation on their behalf.  Even if the other driver has the same insurance company as you, the insurance company for the other driver will be working solely on behalf of the other driver.

In cases involving serious injury and damage, you should assume that the other insurance company will take all actions that they can in order to minimize liability and save money for themselves.

What Tactics Do Insurance Companies Take?

Common insurance tactics include:

We build strong cases based on an investigation, the impact of the injuries on the life of the victim (pain and suffering), the medical expenses involved in recovering from the collision, and any lost wages from missing work.

Common Causes of Car Collisions

Common causes of crashes include:

In Addition to the Other Driver, Who Else May Be at Fault for Your Car Crash?

Municipalities, cities, or county governments may be liable for car and vehicle accidents if:

Vehicle and product manufacturers may also be held liable if a design or manufacturing defect led to or helped cause the collision.  For example, manufacturers of defective tires may be responsible for tire blowouts that lead to injury or death.  Similarly, defective air bag manufacturers may be liable for defective air bags that do not deploy in a crash, or those that inadvertently deploy when they are not supposed to (resulting in injury or death).

Considering Legal Counsel for a Car Accident in Newton, MA?

Research indicates that individuals represented by legal counsel typically receive net compensation three times greater than those without representation in car accident or car crash cases.

Navigating Insurance Negotiations

Insurance companies, focused on their profit margins, often attempt to settle quickly and for minimal amounts with unrepresented claimants. Such initial offers rarely reflect the true extent of potential long-term injuries. Engaging with a knowledgeable and assertive attorney early can prevent such underestimations and ensure your rights are fully protected.

The Importance of Swift Legal Action

Upon notification of an incident, insurance companies waste no time in launching their investigations. It’s crucial to have a skilled legal team on your side promptly to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong case while the details are still vivid.

The insurance industry is well-informed about which law firms have the expertise and resources to challenge their settlement practices effectively. Firms that routinely settle without maximizing claim value are well-known to insurers, impacting the negotiation dynamics.

Personalized Legal Representation

Our firm believes in the power of personal connection. Truly understanding an individual’s story, the impact of their injuries, and their resulting limitations is essential for effective representation.

Selecting the Ideal Car Accident Lawyer in Newton, MA

With countless law firms available, finding the right attorney for your case can seem daunting. However, narrowing your search to highly reviewed firms and those with proven track records can simplify the process. It’s important to choose a lawyer whose approach aligns with your goals, whether that’s a swift settlement or a rigorous pursuit of maximum compensation, or perhaps somewhere in between.

The Cost of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Newton, MA

Many are surprised to learn that engaging a car accident attorney or car wreck attorney does not require upfront payment. The standard practice involves a contingency fee arrangement, where the attorney’s payment is a percentage of the settlement or court verdict. This model ensures that clients owe nothing out of pocket, with attorney fees coming directly from the compensation awarded.

For instance, in a case settling for $100,000, the attorney’s fee might be 33%, or $33,000. Should litigation be necessary, resulting in a $200,000 verdict at trial, the fee could rise to 40%, equating to $80,000.

Understanding Lawsuit Costs

Our firm, dedicated to client support, offers complimentary initial consultations. We operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning clients do not pay for the attorney’s time and hours unless we secure a victory in their case. This approach allows individuals to seek justice without the burden of upfront legal bills, ensuring access to quality legal representation for all.



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“Matt Fogelman represented me in a case that took several years to play out and eventually resulted in a favorable settlement for me. I found him to combine two qualities rarely seen in the same lawyer. He was unfailingly friendly toward me and hard-nosed toward the other side. He was extremely sharp, retentive of details, and tireless. Mine never promised to be a big money case, but he stuck by me for years as we had our slow motion fight with the other side. He seemed to finesse very well the relationship with the other lawyer: first very tough, finally cooperative. It worked out: The figure we got at the end was larger than what I imagined getting at the beginning. He’s good at zeroing in on the pressure points and bottom line. He was also excellent at balancing confidently making his moves with consulting me. Matt is an excellent partner to have for the long slog that is a civil-court lawsuit.”

Google 5 Star Review – C.G.

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