Victims of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault in Massachusetts, you may be entitled to compensation from the abuser/perpetrator, and/or the entity for whom the abuser/perpetrator was employed or affiliated, such as a school, religious organization, or private company.

No one should ever have to be the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault. Every day, however, in the United States, such crimes occur.

We understand that sex abuse survivors, particularly children, must grapple with complicated feelings of shame, anger, confusion, and depression as they re-claim their lives and their emotional and spiritual power from the perpetrators who abused them, and from the institutions that supported the relationships out of which the sexual abuse arose. This process often takes a very long time.

We also appreciate that for many survivors of sexual abuse, it is a tremendous step to admit to themselves (and to others), that such horrific crimes were committed against them.  Tragically, the victims of sexual abuse or assault may feel that they were somehow to blame for their attack.  We know that this is never the case.

Settlements & Verdicts

Settled several cases for children who were sexually abused by family members.

Settled several cases for children who were sexually abused through a local youth organization or local municipality.

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We Seek Justice and Help Victims Take Back Their Lives

We can help people “take back” the power from the perpetrators and the organizations that sponsored them, to obtain civil justice in the form of monetary compensation and, possibly, to achieve other, non-monetary results, such as apologies, changes to institutional policies, procedures, and guidelines, acts to benefit charitable entities, and other possible, creative outcomes.

Sexual abuse and assault can never be undone.  But by holding the perpetrators and institutions accountable that are complicit in allowing sexual abuse and assault to occur, we can send a clear message to potential perpetrators and similar institutions that such wrongful conduct will not be tolerated.

When Sexual Assault and Abuse Occur, Our Role is to Hold All of Those Legally Responsible Accountable for Their Role

Holding the sexual abusers and institutions responsible legally may be an important part of a victim’s healing.

While undoubtedly the perpetrator may be primarily liable, schools, religious institutions, and many diverse organizations and companies have all been held liable for their role in sexual abuse and assault.  As most adults in the Boston area are aware, the Catholic Church had a significant role in allowing pedophile priests to permit large-scale sexual assault and abuse by transferring such priests from one parish to the next, even though the church officials knew of horrific complaints of abuse.

Liability of sexual abuse in no way is limited to the Catholic Church or the Boy Scouts

Quite tragically, abuse often arises out of institutions of trust – schools, youth and scouting clubs, religious organizations, athletic leagues, and other such entities. Many of these cases have something in common – the winning of trust, grooming, and then betrayal, with deeply damaging results.


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As experienced sex abuse attorneys, we have long sought justice and full compensation for the victims of sexual abuse and assault.  We accept these cases on a contingency fee basis, to there is no fee to us unless we secure compensation through a settlement or verdict.

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