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When our clients are defamed, slandered, or libeled, our role is to seek full compensation based upon the damages and loss of reputation that have been suffered.

We provide counsel to clients who have been defamed by any written publication, radio station, television channel, or on the Internet, or have had inappropriate or nude pictures posted on the Internet without permission.

We know that defamatory accusations can ruin your business, affect your ability to get a job, or destroy your character and reputation. The firm is experienced in recovering damages and helping to restore your reputation and livelihood.


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A judge who had been defamed by a local radio station.

An African-American man defamed by a local TV channel.

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What is Slander?

Slander constitutes making false spoken defamatory remarks about a person.  Such speaking can take place either in person, or through other media (such as TV).

What is Libel?

Libel constitutes making false, defamatory remarks about a person in writing.  Writing can include many different types of venues, including newspapers, billboards, or the Internet.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is taking an action that damages the reputation of another, usually through slander or libel.

What Damages are Available for Defamation?

The damages available for defamation are determined by comparing the reputation of a person before the alleged defamation and after the defamation.  So, as a starting point, a person who is defamed should have a favorable reputation prior to the defamation.

Commercial Damages

In some cases, such as with an athlete or celebrity who endorses products and whose earning potential is dependent upon having a stellar reputation, the defamed person would be entitled to damages equal to their loss in earning capacity.  To prove such a case, experts would need to be retained who could offer professional opinions to a jury regarding the amount of such damages.

Reputational Damages

We are all only as good as our reputations.  Even if a person does not earn a living by endorsing products and is still employed at their same job, they nonetheless are entitled to damages if they are defamed.

In calculating damages, a jury would examine items such as:

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