Employment Law & Personal Injury — Trial Verdicts and Settlements

We have significant experience in employment and wage cases, and have achieved positive outcomes for our clients in cases involving:

Age Discrimination

  • At trial, a $1,200,000 verdict for 64-year-old mechanic who was terminated on the basis of his age after working at the same facility for 27 years.
  • Discrimination against a 63-year-old man by a local materials handling company.
  • Discrimination against former UPS employee who was wrongfully terminated based on his age.
  • Age discrimination against a female by a large retailer.
  • Age discrimination against an employee by a country club.
  • Discrimination against an employee who had been working as a mental health counselor for over 26 years by a medical facility.
  • Age discrimination against a male pharmacist.

Race/National Origin/Color Discrimination

  • Retaliation, disability discrimination, and national origin discrimination case against a healthcare provider.
  • National origin discrimination case for African employee.
  • Sex discrimination and unpaid commissions case against financial entity.
  • Discrimination against a Black man by a large engine aircraft company.
  • Discrimination against a Black female by a local hospital.
  • Discrimination against a Latino man by a high alloy foundry.
  • Discrimination against an Asian female pharmacist.
  • Discrimination against an African-American woman by a custom uniform company.
  • Discrimination against an Asian woman by a prominent bio-pharmaceutical company.
  • Discrimination against a Black man by a car dealership.
  • Discrimination against a Latina woman by a local spa.
  • Discrimination on the basis of national origin against a Moroccan male by a leading technology company.
  • At trial, a $2.46 million verdict against Brandeis for a Black female HR professional who was terminated on the basis of race and gender.

Medical Condition and/or Disability Discrimination

  • At trial, a $144,000 verdict (plus attorneys’ fees) for Cape Verdean female who was terminated (disability) after her maternity leave and the development of postpartum depression.
  • Prevailed at Mass. Supreme Judicial Court in Barbuto, a groundbreaking medical marijuana case. 
  • Settled case involving Massachusetts’ new Earned Sick Leave Law.
  • Discrimination against hearing-impaired employee by insurance company.
  • Medical condition discrimination of an employee by a financial services company.
  • Disability discrimination case for a female manager against a bank.
  • Medical condition discrimination of a dyslexic man by a technology company.
  • Disability discrimination against an on-campus police officer by a local college.
  • Disability discrimination case for a teacher against a Catholic school.
  • Disability discrimination for several workers fired from jobs after failing drug screens (where the medicine used was marijuana for medicinal purposes).
  • Disability discrimination case for a nurse against a local college.
  • Disability discrimination against an employee with PTSD by a marketing company.
  • Discrimination against a female employee based on her disability by a caregiving company.
  • Discrimination against a truck driver based on his medical condition by a trucking and transportation company.
  • Discrimination and retaliation against an employee based upon his medical condition and for taking FMLA leave, by a multinational corporation.

Gender Discrimination

  • Gender discrimination cases (several of them) for long-term female employees who have been underpaid compared to their male colleagues and comparators, including at several local colleges and universities.
  • Discrimination based on gender (and race) against a hospital against a young, female doctor.
  • Multiple pregnancy discrimination cases, including against a bank teller by a national bank and against a local hair salon.
  • Discrimination on the basis of gender against a woman who was fired from a local TV station.
  • Discrimination and retaliation on the basis of sex against a woman working at a communications firm who was fired after complaining about gender mistreatment.
  • Pregnancy discrimination against a domestic worker by her employer.
  • “Reverse” gender discrimination of a male executive who was fired from a nail salon company.
  • Pregnancy discrimination against a lawyer by a local law firm.
  • Settled two cases for female employees in academia under the new Mass. Equal Pay Act (MEPA) law.
  • At trial, a $2.46 million verdict against Brandeis for a Black female HR professional who was terminated on the basis of race and gender.


    Religious Discrimination

      • Religious discrimination case on behalf of an Iranian man.
      • Discrimination against a male employee of Islamic faith by an investment company.
      • Discrimination against a Jewish male by a local college.
      • Discrimination against a Russian female by a local bank.

    Sexual Harassment

    • Sexual harassment of a female employee at a department store.
    • Sexual harassment and retaliation case for a woman against her physician employer.
    • Sexual harassment and retaliation for a female salesperson against leading software company.
    • Sexual harassment of a teenage girl by a local fast-food restaurant.
    • Sexual harassment of a young woman by a large pharmaceutical company.
    • Sexual harassment complaint for male employee.

    Wage & Hour Including Commissions

    • At trial, a verdict of $220,000 for a woman who had not been paid properly by her employer.
    • Unpaid tips class action case against parking and transportation services company.
    • Misclassification as independent contractor and loss of benefits by electronic tech company.
    • Unpaid wages and overtime claim against local automobile repair business.
    • Prevailed on offensive summary judgment in Plymouth District Court in an unpaid wage case (commissions) against a printing company.
    • Overtime claims for a male painter.
    • Wage and hour case against a local college for former professor.
    • Independent contractor misclassification and overtime claims for a home child-care provider.
    • Wage and hour case for a personal trainer.
    • Unpaid commissions case against a prominent financial advisory company.
    • Overtime claims for a single mother against a healthcare device company.
    • Wage and hour case, including unpaid commissions, against a travel agency.
    • Overtime claims for a non-English speaking male who works in a flooring/tile warehouse.
    • Several class actions for waiters and bartenders under the “Tips” statute against wedding facilities and banquet halls.
    • Unpaid overtime and unpaid wages case for an employee against a property management company.
    • Wage and hour case, along with a defamation claim, for a social worker against a local clinic.
    • Wage and overtime pay violations for several employees in the staffing industry.
    • Several other unpaid commissions case, including against a bathroom remodeling company and against a local biotech company.
    • Unpaid wages and overtime, and violations of the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights against the employers of the domestic worker.

    Wrongful Termination

    • Superior Court victory affirming arbitration award for former Boston Public School principal who was fired without good cause.
    • Wrongful termination case for a midwife against a local hospital.
    • Helped to get job back for female employee improperly terminated by a hotel chain.
    • Wrongful termination in violation of public policy case for a man fired after he complained of illegal activity within the company.


    • OSHA workplace safety violations and retaliation case against private high school.
    • Workers’ compensation retaliation case for a male janitor.
    • Retaliation case for male employee who was fired after returning from FMLA leave.
    • Retaliation for police officer who reported internal wrongdoing.

    Contracts and Other Agreements

    • At trial in Worcester Superior Court, positive settlement achieved after Day 2 of trial, for breach of employment contract
    • Negotiated countless severance agreements for employees who have been terminated.
    • Negotiated settlements involving non-compete agreements, non-disclosure provisions, and confidentiality agreements, and advise clients with respect to these types of restrictive covenants.

    We have achieved positive results at trial and in personal injury settlements for many clients, including the following examples:

    Car Crashes and Motor Vehicle Collisions

    • At trial (against Liberty Mutual), a $95,000 verdict for woman who was rear-ended and suffered an elbow nerve injury, requiring surgery.
    • At trial (against State Farm), a verdict for a woman who was struck by another car and sustained a concussion.
    • $500,000 settlement for woman rear-ended in serious collision.
    • A female bicyclist who was struck by a car that ran a stop sign.
    • A female taxi-cab passenger who suffered head and knee injuries after being struck by another car.
    • $250,000 underinsured settlement for a woman who was in a multiple car pile-up and suffered concussion and seizures.
    • $150,000 settlement for woman who was hit in crosswalk by driver who was not paying attention.
    • A moped rider who was “doored” by a commercial vehicle.
    • A car crash that caused the victim’s miscarriage of her pregnancy.
    • A young professional female who was struck by a hit-and-run drunk driver after exiting a taxi in Cambridge.
    • A boating crash in which a male suffered severe pelvic injuries and nearly died.
    • A young female pedestrian who was struck by an automobile that broke her nose and caused a deviated septum.
    • A male pedestrian who was struck by a snowplow in a commercial parking lot.
    • Many automobile crashes that caused the victims back and neck pain.
    • Represented the parents of a college student killed by commuter rail train in an area near local college that was a frequent “hot spot” for students to gather.


    • A man who fell out of his wheelchair and broke his leg when an ATM door got jammed and did not open properly.
    • A woman who fell at a department store due to a defective chair.
    • A man who fell down the stairs at the apartment he rented; handrail was broken.
    • A man who slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of his apartment complex; defendant landlord failed to properly plow and shovel after a storm.
    • A woman who fell in another’s home due to a defective step.
    • A man who fell after using a defective scooter
    • An elderly woman who fell at local pharmacy due to dangerous stairs.
    • A woman who fell during an overcrowded aerobics class.
    • A prominent female physician who slipped and fell on an unnatural accumulation of ice at a commuter rail station.
    • An elderly man who fell at a physical rehabilitation facility.
    • A woman who broke her arm when she fell down a darkened staircase in a mall.
    • An EMT who injured her ankle after falling down a darkened staircase in a three-family house.
    • An elderly man who fell on a handicap ramp that lacked proper handrails.
    • An elderly woman who fell on water on a train; no mats were present.

    Sexual Abuse

    • Multiple settlements in cases against family members, including parents, step-parents, and other relatives.
    • Multiple settlements in cases against local youth organizations, schools, religious institutions, local municipalities, and other entities such as clubs.

    Other (Dog Bites, Burns, Food Injuries, Children)

    • At trial, successful result for woman who severely injured teeth after biting into Wendy’s hamburger with bone embedded inside.
    • Significant settlement for family whose small son was lost by a school bus company and sustained significant emotional trauma as a result.
    • Settlement for female college student who was bitten by a dog and sustained significant arm injuries and scarring.
    • Settlement for man who sustained serious burns to his foot when scalding water came out of his car (near the gas pedal).
    • Settlement for elderly female who was bitten by a dog on Cape Cod and sustained scarring and emotional distress.
    • Settlement with moving company that damaged plaintiff’s property during a move.
    • Settlement for police officer who sustained an injured knee.
    • Multiple settlements for burn/scar cases against a Boston day spa.
    • An uninsured personal injury settlement for male client with back and neck injuries.
    • Settlement for male client against former therapist, who violated his confidentiality and committed ethical violations.


    • Case on behalf of employee fired after reporting safety violations.
    • Case against larger employer which failed to provide warnings prior to a mass layoff under the WARN Act.
    • Successfully represented local bicycle messenger in Attorney General investigation.

    Significant experience in defamation/libel and First Amendment law, such as cases involving:

    • A male employee defamed by his employer when they terminated him.
    • An African-American man defamed by a local TV channel.
    • Obtained summary judgment for college journalist charged with defamation by controversial community college professor.
    • Represented a well-known local lawyer against a newspaper that had printed misleading articles.
    • Represented a judge who had been defamed by a local radio station.
    • Defamation case against a construction company.
    • Defamation case against a local municipality.

    Significant business litigation successes, including at trial, involving Class Actions, commercial cases, and Chapter 93A:

    Pro-bono and assistance on court appointed cases:

    • Case for inmate against Department of Correction and medical provider concerning the provision of appropriate dental services.
    • Represented inmate on habeas corpus petition.

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