Newton Police Arrest Minors

Newton police made multiple arrests on Jan. 10 at Tedeschi’s Food Shop on Winchester Street.

Assigned to liquor enforcement, police spotted a young man head into the store around 8:40 p.m. He left carrying two 30-packs of beer, and loaded it into a gray Jeep with MA plates.

Police questioned the man, and seized two 30-packs (Budweiser and Natural Light), as well as a false New York driver’s license, as evidence.

A complaint will be issued against him for procuring alcohol under 21, possession liquor under 21, using a false ID.

Also that day, Newton police spotted two young white men enter Tedeschi’s, leaving with a brown paper bag “typically used for six-packs of alcohol, as opposed tot he plastic bags the store was placing grocery items in.”

A 20-year-old and 19-year-old from Needham and a 20-year-old from Newton was charged with procuring liquor under 21, possessing liquor under 21, having a false ID, and drug possession, Class D

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