Recreational Marijuana In Massachusetts – What You Need To Know

The marijuana industry in Massachusetts has reached a major milestone, as recreational sales of cannabis is now legal.

As of now, you still cannot buy marijuana. The Cannabis Control Commission, the panel charged with regulating and licensing marijuana businesses, has, so far, granted the license application of just one business.

There are a bunch of open and registered medical marijuana dispensaries – they are are expected to apply for adult-use retail licenses, and those are likely the first retail stores that will open.

Many towns and communities have banned recreational shops from opening.  In my view, this is short-sighted and is an unnecessary “the sky is falling” mentality.

Towns that ban cannabis will still share in the statewide 17 percent sales and marijuana excise taxes that are generated from the sale of cannabis, because that money goes into the state’s general fund, and all communities benefit from that. The communities that have enacted bans and moratoriums  will not receive the optional local tax, which can be up to 3 percent for a marijuana-friendly town.

Bringing marijuana across state lines is not legal under federal law.

Landlords can place restrictions on whether you can smoke in your home, just like they can with cigarettes. And you can’t smoke in public, or anywhere where you’re prohibited from smoking tobacco. But if you own your home, you are fine to use marijuana there. And if you rent, you are fine too, unless your landlord restricts it.

The Cannabis Control Commission won’t pick up social use or home delivery until at least October.

Smoking is the most obvious way of using pot. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular — cannabis in the form of flower, oil or wax is heated up to a vapor that’s nearly odorless. There are edibles too, which have THC infused in them. One serving has been designated at 5 milligrams. And there are  pills and topical creams….

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