Norwell Selectmen Revoke Mobil Mart’s Liquor License

The Norwell Board of Selectmen have revoked the liquor license for Mobil Mart at 89 Washington Street after Norwell Police say the store sold alcohol to minors three times in a 16-day span.

At a hearing last month, the Selectmen suspended the liquor license for offenses on August 15 and August 24.

“It’s our responsibility, I’m not denying that,” said store president Michael Azmey. “My clerks have explained exactly what happened.”

He said the first two times, clerks did not check ID’s before selling.

On August 31, the store was under surveillance by the state Alcohol Beverage Control Commission.

State ABCC Investigator Michael Teehan said they witnessed a young-looking man walk out of the store with a 30-pack of Narragansett beer.

“The investigators approached the underage individual, we asked him how old he was,” said Teehan. “He informed us he was 19 years of age and used a fake Delaware driver’s license to purchase the alcoholic beverages.”

Azmey said while the clerk had suspicions, the clerk asked for a Visa Card and an AAA card to confirm the person’s name.

In Massachusetts, Teehan said a Mass. driver’s license, Mass. liquor ID, Mass. ID card, military ID, passport card, or a passport are the only acceptable forms of ID to purchase alcohol.

Norwell Police Chief Ted Ross recommended that the Selectmen revoke the license for the store, as per the town bylaw.

“All the juveniles involved had stated to Detective [Dan] Dooley that Mobil was ‘well known to sell alcohol to minors,’” said Ross.

“This is a third violation within a three-week time period. After each violation, Mr. Azmey was notified of the violation,” said Ross. “My expectation was that actions would be taken to prevent this from happening again. But this happened a second time, and a third time.”

Mobil Mart has five days to appeal the Selectmen’s decision.

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