New Topping Requires ID; Whipped Cream Contains 15 Percent Alcohol

Weeks after state liquor regulators banned the sale of caffeine-packed alcoholic drinks, two other liquor concoctions are making their way onto store shelves.
“Cream” is an alcohol-infused whipped cream that comes in a five flavors including chocolate, caramel, raspberry, vanilla and cherry. The product contains 15 percent alcohol by volume, three times the amount found in most beers and wines.

Cream has already arrived on the shelves of some Massachusetts’ liquor stores.
“You definitely know that there’s alcohol in it,” Max Pendolari, general manager of the Wine Emporium in Boston’s South End, told WCBV-Channel 5. “Most bottles of wine would have the same alcoholic content.”

A similar product, Whipped Lightning, is being sold in at least a dozen other states.
Pendolari said he’s had Cream in stock for about a month and it has been flying off the shelves. The $12.99 product is most popular with men and women between the ages of 25 and 35.”You could use it to top off your cocktail, you could use it to top off your hot chocolate,” said Pendolari.

Pendolari didn’t think the product would be a problem in the homes of consumers with small children because Cream cannot be refrigerated. “The alcohol separates from the cream,” said Pendolari. “You’re more apt to keep this in a liquor cabinet as opposed to your refrigerator.”

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, which banned popular stimulant-packed alcoholic drinks a few weeks ago, including Four Loko, has not commented on whether any kind of regulations would be taken on the new alcohol-infused whipped creams.

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