Convicted Rapist Arrested in Wareham Parking Lot Attack

The Boston Globe reported this week that a convicted rapist has been arrested after allegedly attacking a woman in a Wareham parking lot. Wareham police received several 911 calls around 10:15 p.m., with reports of a woman screaming for help in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Cranberry Highway.

Police said they found the 36-year-old victim “visibly shaken and crying” when they arrived. She told police she had just gotten into her car after shopping, when a man told her she left some bags on the roof of her car.

She got out of the car, and the man grabbed her and pushed her against a van parked next to her, police said. After she started screaming, the attacker put his hand on her mouth and told her to shut up, but the victim bit his hand and kept screaming as he tried to drag her to his car.

The victim bit the man again, broke away, and ran toward the store, police said. The victim and several witnesses gave police a description of the suspect, as well as a partial license plate from his car as he drove away. Police also viewed surveillance camera footage from the store.

Police dispatchers searched the Registry of Motor Vehicles database and found that the car belonged to Lance Porter, 36, a registered Level 3 sex offender. Porter is on parole after spending 12 years in state prison for kidnapping and raping a child in May 1996, according to the sex offender registry.

Officers went to Porter’s house in Wareham, and after a brief investigation Porter was arrested and charged with kidnapping, assault and battery, and attempted rape, police said. He was arraigned tomorrow in Wareham District Court.

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