Authorities Extract 28 Canines from Massachusetts Residence Linked to Alleged Abuse of Foster Kids

Law enforcement officers have taken 28 dogs into custody from a residence in Oxford, Massachusetts, where there are accusations of ongoing abuse targeted at foster children.

Raymond and Susan E. Blouin, residents of the property at 7 Pleasant Court, are each confronting a charge related to improper assault and battery on a minor younger than 14. The charges stem from claims brought forward by individuals who were once fostered by the couple.

In addition, a past romantic partner of Susan Blouin, identified as Philip A. Paquette, is facing legal trouble for allegedly sexually assaulting a young boy on two occasions and compelling him to consume dog waste and his own bodily fluids. The supposed incidents are believed to have taken place at the Oxford residence in the early 2000s.

The 28 dogs were found by authorities during the arrest of Susan E. Blouin on December 2. Police Chief Anthony Saad said that the majority of the dogs are old English bulldogs, with a few Labrador retrievers also present. According to Saad, officers detected an overpowering odor of animal waste and were greeted by the sound of multiple dogs barking when they arrived at the home.

Saad revealed that only a single dog was legally registered to the property and that the couple did not hold the necessary kennel license.

To further investigate the living conditions of the animals, law enforcement returned to the site along with Animal Control Officer Kelly Flynn and representatives from the Animal Rescue League. A total of 28 dogs were removed from the premises.

According to Saad, a veterinary evaluation is pending to decide if charges of animal mistreatment are warranted.

Flynn is in the process of compiling a civil suit against the couple for operating a kennel without the proper licensing.

Chief Saad confirmed that all the removed animals are presently in safe and appropriate care.

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