School District’s “No Proof” Claim Debunked; Five Other Victims Emerge in Adams (MA) School Sex Abuse Scandal

As we reported over the weekend, and as reported by the Berkshire Eagle, additional victims have come forward with claims of sexual abuse at a now-closed middle school in the Berkshires, corroborating the information first raised by William Howcroft and another anonymous man, both represented by Matthew Fogelman and the Fogelman Law Firm.

In a bombshell development, the Eagle reports tonight that Michael Donovan, who now lives on the West Coast, reported to the then Adams Memorial Junior High School principal that Clement St. Hilaire, the then-janitor, had molested him in the fall of 1976.  St. Hilaire shortly thereafter left the school.  It is unclear what the then-principal did with the information or if he told anyone else.  However, Donovan’s claim refutes any claim by the school or district that they did not know about St. Hilaire being a child molester and debunks the district’s written statement that there was an “absence of proof” that anyone had been molested.

Anyone with additional information can contact the Fogelman firm at 617-559-1530 and/or Bob Dunn at the Berkshire Eagle.

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