Rep. Peisch Files Bill on Distributors

State Representative Alice Peisch filed legislation this week (HD 2759), which would amend the state’s outdated laws from the 1970s that make it impossible for small brewers to switch distributors. Brewers are required to use distributors — but if the distributor fails to get their products in front of consumers, there’s little that brewers can do about it. While current Massachusetts law does allow switching if brewers can show “good cause” (i.e., disparagement of a brand by wholesalers or proof that the distributor failed to put its best efforts into promoting a specific brand), craft brewers don’t have the resources for an expensive legal fight — unlike distributors which are usually well-funded.

“This bill will allow small brewers to make their product more widely available, while also giving adequate protections to wholesalers,” said Representative Peisch.

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