Norwood liquor store receives four-day suspension

The Norwood Transcript reports that local package store Balboni’s has received a four-day suspension from selling alcohol because it sold alcohol to a 16-year-old in May. The suspension will take effect August 1. On May 8, Norwood Police saw a 16-year-old boy leaving the Washington Street liquor store with three 30-packs of beer, as well as wine and vodka. The minor was bringing the alcohol to a waiting car with three teens inside. According to attorney David DeLuca, who represented town counsel at the hearing, both the Norwood Police Department and representatives present from the store agree that the minor was allowed to buy alcohol. “It is my understanding that there is no defense to the facts of the case,” he said. “There is no dispute that the man was under age.”

The Transcript reports that this was Balboni’s Package Store’s first offense since a 2007 violation by a previous owner. A new policy implemented at Balboni’s since this incident requires that anyone who looks under 30 years of age must be carded.

Liquor license holders should keep in mind that valid identification to purchase alcohol can be a Massachusetts state license, a valid U.S. passport, a military ID or a Massachusetts liquor ID. An out-of-state license is not a valid ID for the purpose of purchasing alcohol. If you need a Massachusetts lawyer to represent you in connection with the sale of alcohol to a minor, please call Matthew Fogelman at 617-559-1530.

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