Medford man charged with enticing girl to pose nude online

Police have arrested a Medford man and charged him with enticing a 12-year-old Mansfield girl to pose in the nude on the Internet.

Peter Campobasso, 30, of Medford was arrested around noon Friday by Mansfield and Medford detectives, who executed a search warrant at his 21 Vista Ave. home.

The arrest followed a two-week investigation triggered by a call from a concerned parent, Mansfield police said.

Police allege Campobasso solicited and encouraged the girl to send nude pictures of herself in return for cash and gifts. Mansfield police said Campobasso is charged with posing or exhibiting a child in the state of nudity or sexual conduct. Investigators said they do not believe Campobasso and the girl ever had a face-to-face meeting.

Police are also investigating the possibility that Campobasso befriended many young girls in the Mansfield area via Facebook and other social media.

Mansfield police Lt. Frank Archer Jr. said police armed with a search warrant seized various materials from Campobasso’s home allegedly related to his activities.

Campobasso likely will be arraigned next week in Attleboro District Court.

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