Framingham TGI’s Suspended

Framingham Selectmen voted to suspend the liquor license of TGI Friday’s in Framingham for five days in July. The Shoppers World restaurant will not be able to serve alcohol from July 22-26.

The restaurant and the Framingham Police department reached an agreement on a liquor license violation that occurred in December 2014, and asked Selectmen to approve it.

In April, Police came before Selectmen with a recommendation for a 3-day suspension.

A majority of the 5-member board said the suspension was not enough and recommended the two parties work out a stiffer penalty. One selectmen back in April even suggested a 15-day suspension, with 8 days to be served.

On December 17 2014, just after 12:30 a.m., a Maynard man, 37, drove his Jeep into the front lobby of TGI Friday’s in Shoppers World in Framingham.

The vehicle struck two women who were on the sidewalk. Their injuries included a broken bone and a concussion. The restaurant also sustained structural damage.

According to a police investigation, the man was served five 1-ounce shots of alcohol and five beers within a two and half hour period.

The bartender at the restaurant told Framingham Police he did served the Maynard man and five of his friends about 20 shots, seven mixed drinks, and 8 beers over two and a half hours.

After the December 2014 incident, Framingham Deputy Police Chief Ron Brandolini said the restaurant terminated the bartender.

The restaurant also put into place a program that the third beverage served to a customer prompts a notification to the manager who goes right to the table to speak with the customer.

Along with the 5-day suspension, the restaurant agrees to have monthly compliance meetings with Framingham Police, and pay a $300 investigation fee.

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