ABCC Suspends Burlington Packie License

The Burlington Board of Selectmen was recently informed that the Massachusetts Alcohol Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) had to enforce a 30-day liquor license suspension to Burlington Wine & Spirits on 43 Middlesex Turnpike.

The establishment, which is located next to Market Basket, is being penalized because of violations with the storage and transportation of wholesale alcohol without authorization pursuant to the state’s General Laws Chapter 138, Section 2.

Town Administrator John Petrin broke the news to the Selectmen and revealed that the ABCC has suspended the establishment’s license from July 31 to August 29. The town (Selectmen) is required to collect the license prior to the start of the suspension.

“The state is very specific how you can purchase wholesale liquor and Burlington Wine & Spirits violated the rules around that,” said Petrin.

The town recently had to suspend two local restaurants’ liquor licenses for failing the Burlington Police Department’s alcohol compliance checks where an 18-year-old went undercover in a sting operation to fulfill the procedure. Lester’s Roadside Barbecue on Cambridge Street and Mr. Chan’s on Middlesex Turnpike were the two restaurants that failed the alcohol compliance checks as both served alcohol to the 18-year-old.

In accordance with the town’s standard penalty for first-time violators of the compliance checks, Petrin issued a 1-day suspension for both establishments which was unanimously supported by the Selectmen and served on July 1.

Petrin said the state “still holds power as the state licensing authority” and the Selectmen remain the local presence in town when penalties need to be issued.

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