Mansfield Board Wants to Know about Manager Changes

The Mansfield Selectmen would like to keep a tighter leash on businesses licensed to sell liquor by requiring them to notify the board promptly of any change of management. I see this issue arise in my licensing practice quite a bit; managers come and go and the license holders must remember to inform the town/city, and apply for a Change of Manager.

Mansfield Selectman Jess Aptowitz raised the issue last week in response to several recent changes of management hearings. During those hearings, it was revealed that the previous managers on the license had not worked at the businesses in months.

Aptowitz recommended language be added to the permit applications requiring the departure of a manager be brought to the attention of the town within a set period of time.
“If they fail to do so, they risk the revocation of their license,” he said.

Karen Schnell, executive secretary to selectmen, is attending a course offered by the state Alcohol Beverages Control Commission and reports that she will find out how state officials recommend handling the situation.

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