Florida man investigated for sex abuse arrested in Mass.

A Cape Coral, Florida, community has been rocked after a man in their neighborhood was arrested on a capital sexual warrant in another state. Cape Coral police say the man, Jeffrey Leclair, fled to Massachusetts during an investigation accusing him of sexual abuse on a 7-year-old girl.

Neighbors say it all started with a note in their mailboxes about a month ago.No one knows where it came from but on it, but neighbors say it accused Leclair of molesting a 7-year-old girl.

Many in the Cape Coral neighborhood admit to getting an unusual notice in the mail about a month ago.

“Well, I really didn’t believe it,” said neighbor Amy Mchale. “I like him, he never did me wrong.”

According to Cape Coral police, at the same time a woman had come forward to investigators making the same allegations as the notice being put in mailboxes.

Police say Leclair denied being involved, and then fled to Massachusetts during the investigation.

“He went on vacation. He probably didn’t know he could get arrested for that,” Mchale said.

Investigators say after interviewing the victim and hearing her bone-chilling testimony, they had enough to secure an arrest warrant for Leclair.

Several agencies took part in the operation, including the U.S. Marshal’s Office Fugitive Task Force.

“It’s very sad because we’re celebrating an arrest, victory that comes at the expense of a 7 year old child and we’d trade it any day of the week for that not to happen,” said Lt. Tony Sizemore with the Cape Coral Police Department.

Others remain skeptical regarding the allegations.

“I think he’s innocent,” Mchale said.

Leclair was arrested by the Massachusetts State Police. He is currently in their custody. He will face extradition back to Florida, but no time has been set for when that is scheduled to happen.

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