Braintree Gains Five Alcohol Licenses

The number of liquor licenses available for Braintree businesses has climbed from 56 to 61 because the most recent federal census showed the town increased its population by nearly 2,000 residents, to 35,744.

Town Solicitor Carolyn Murray has also outlined the mayor’s proposal to add six more alcohol licenses for areas of town targeted for revitalization – Weymouth Landing, Braintree Square and South Braintree Square.

Not since 1980 has the town’s allotment of alcohol licenses increased; in 1990 and 2000 the number actually shrank because of a diminishing population. The state’s adjustment is being applied to every applicable city and town, and for Braintree it means an additional three all-alcohol licenses and two wine and beer licenses.

The town now has a total of 37 all-alcohol licenses for on-premise consumption, up from 35, plus eight all-alcohol for off-premise consumption, eight wine and malt for on-premise and eight wine and malt for off-premise. Those numbers do not include veterans clubs or any special legislation, such as the home rule petition Mayor Joseph Sullivan plans to file with the Town Council.

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